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In 1979, Rick Forrest founded what is popularly known as Energy Kingston Exteriors. The parent company is still Energy Kingston Insulation Ltd. In the early years, the service offered was blown cellulose insulation and other air sealing and weather-stripping alternatives. 

In and around 1982, the services were expanded to address the whole exterior of the home. This includes windows, doors, patio doors, skylights, rigid insulation, siding, fascia/soffit/trough and down pipe, asphalt shingle roofing and carpentry.

At the time of expansion, the company’s name morphed into Energy Kingston Exteriors Inc. (as its carry on business name). This name highlighted the expanded exterior upgrades and retrofitting services offered.

In 2007, Rick Forrest retired and the parent company was passed to Mike and Debbie Goulding, who own and operate it to date.


Mike Goulding – CEO

Mike Goulding has been active in the home renovation industry since 1979. His first association with EKE was heading up the roofing division. That continued as such until 1996 when a sales position availed itself. From 1996 to present, Mike continues his salesperson role with heavy emphasis on education and consultation. His number one objective with clients new and old, is very detailed discussions about product, applications, best building practices and having a great project experience from beginning to finish.

Debbie Goulding – President

Debbie Goulding has a strong background in office administration. She has highly proficient skills in office management and business administration.  Debbie also has an extensive background in computer operations as a past computer consultant and software trainer.  She has excellent communication skills and customer service experience.

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