Why a Sunroom Might be What You Need to Boost Home Value

Does adding a sunroom increase home value in the current market? The short answer is, YES.

The value of a home doesn’t just depend on the location, age, and condition. A homeowner can add to the equity inherent in a personal property by also modifying and improving the home, particularly in terms of its aesthetic and functional benefits. Ideally, however, one wants to pick the benefits that have the lowest level of investment and the greatest turnaround in gain. Sunrooms are one of those choices that don’t take a lot to install but produce sizable appreciation in the value of a home, whether one wants to improve a long-term residence or give it that unique kick that boosts it to the top of the market value for an upcoming sale.

Square Footage Increase

When one installs a sunroom, it adds to the functional space of the home. Of course, that space is taken up from the outside land, typically the backyard, but the value of being part of the home structure is worth far more than a patch of backyard with just a lawn on it. This change alone creates a sizable bump in home value when the sunroom is complete. The value is seen in the immediate square footage increase reported for the home, the usable space that becomes available for the home’s furnishings and utility, and the additional viewing capability provided as part of the home structure. All of these factors are going to get a lot more attention from prospective homebuyers looking for a home that stands out from the crowd.

Natural light has always been a key attraction to selling homes at higher prices. People want to be able to see and feel the natural sunlight up a room, and a sunroom provides that as well as a place that is separate from the rest of the home’s activity. Whether it’s just enjoying the view or being able to read a book without being bothered by the outside wind and noise, a sunroom gives people the best of nature without the work involved in setting up a chair and table outside. And that’s a particularly useful advantage during seasons when it might otherwise be too hot or too cold outside but still sunny.

The Construction is Not a Challenge

Despite involving an actual structural change to the home, the build of a sunroom is not a major challenge. In many cases, people already have a porch laid out providing hardscape in their backyard. This is already connected to the back or patio door of the home. Instead, the porch area becomes the foundation for the additional structure add-on to the home, which can include additional flooring and finishing as well. What one trades for a basic cement porch hardscape and receives with a sunroom can be a huge improvement of the same area.

Sunrooms Provide Multiple Uses

An added sunroom can be used for a variety of purposes in a home versus just a fancied-up patio. As noted earlier, there is always the traditional use of a master suite sunroom, designed to really emphasize exposure to the sun from the outside as well as sitting and viewing. However, the same design can also be used as a night solarium for those who love astronomy. There’s nothing more enjoyable than being able to look up at the night stars with a telescope and not having to worry about fussing with the outside in a field somewhere. Instead, the environment is comfortable, personal, and you can put your equipment where you want as needed for a view upward. Sunrooms can also function as a well-lit recreation or fitness room. They are typically designed with wide-open central space, more than enough for exercise equipment or large pieces like a billiards table to be placed or even a piano. Many people also use sunrooms as an extra breakfast dining area, enjoying the start of the day and first sunrise while eating and getting ready for the day. And folks with a green thumb love sunrooms for internal greenhouses in their home.

Affordability Goes Hand-in-Hand With Sunrooms

Do sunrooms add value to your home without breaking the bank? Absolutely. Because of the materials used, sunrooms are very affordable and easy to construct by a skilled team. They essentially involve aluminum, heavy-duty vinyl, pre-fabricated roofing and insulated glass panels, everything is solar-treated for exposure to the elements on a regular basis, and they can also be routed with heating and cooling channels for temperature control.

Energy Kingston Exteriors provides high-quality sunroom choices for all types of homes, and our clients have raved about how much they not only enjoy the additions, but how their new sunrooms have given their homes an added appeal and function. EKE teams are able to design and build unique sunrooms as desired by you as well as ensure they are usable during all times of the year versus just the warm months. Contact us to find out more and set up a time for an evaluation and see what’s possible. You’ll be surprised what a sunroom could mean for your home and how easy they are to install.