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Having new windows installed can enhance the value and appearance of your home while also improving its energy efficiency. We have more than 40 years of experience with window installation and the expertise required for helping homeowners choose the best new windows for their homes and installing them properly.

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Benefits of New Vinyl Window Installation

When you have older windows that are outdated or windows that have had a lot of wear and tear, it’s time to consider having new ones installed. New windows can have a positive impact on your home in several ways. The benefits of installing new windows in your home include:

  • Improved energy efficiency: Older windows can become drafty over the years, which makes your home colder in winter. This causes your furnace to turn on more often and run longer, resulting in higher energy usage and energy bills. Switching to new windows means your home stays warmer in winter. During summer, new windows can help keep your home cooler by blocking the sun’s heat, which leads to lower air conditioning bills.
  • Increased home value: Your windows can affect how much your home is worth. Investing in new windows is an effective way to boost your home’s value, which is important if you plan on selling it in the near future.
  • Enhanced appearance: The windows you choose for your home can enhance the way it looks overall. New windows come in a wide range of styles and designs to go with the rest of your home’s exterior.
  • Better lighting: Having new windows installed can improve the lighting in your home. New windows can allow more natural light to enter your home, making it brighter during the day, so you don’t rely on lamps or other forms of lighting. Having more natural lighting can create an even more cheerful and welcoming environment in your home.

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Types of Windows

We carry several types of windows for homes. If you’re not sure what kind you need for your own home, our window professionals can help you make this decision. We offer the following types of windows for homeowners.

Casement Window

Casement Windows

Casement windows open at the side using a crank or handle. These windows provide a lot of ventilation when open, which can help keep your home more comfortable. Casement windows are also known for offering improved energy efficiency since their design allows them to keep most outside air from getting in.

Awning Window

Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows, but they have hinges located at the top rather than on the side. These windows also offer good ventilation and energy efficiency compared to other types of windows. Awning windows can also be placed higher up on walls if needed and can even be kept open if it’s raining outside thanks to their design.

Sliding Window

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are available in several sizes to fit any area of your home, as well as a variety of styles and colors. These windows slide easily along tracks, so you don’t have to worry about pushing them up and down to open or close them. They’re also easy to keep clean and typically cost less than other types of windows.

Bay Window

Bay Windows

Bay windows offer a way to make your living room, bedroom, or other living space feel and appear larger. These windows can also include a seating area, which gives you a cozy spot to read or look outside. Bay windows generally come in three sections, including a larger middle section and smaller side sections. When these windows are installed, you’ll have a great view of your surroundings.

Bow Window

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, although they typically come with at least four or more window sections. These windows create a curved appearance that makes rooms appear more spacious. Bow windows can be installed on corners, giving homes a more rounded, visually appealing look.

Picture Window

Picture Windows

Picture windows are very large windows that offer impressive views of your surroundings. These windows allow plenty of sunlight to reach your home interior, which helps brighten it up. Fixed picture windows are also fairly easy to clean and maintain since they don’t have tracks or other moving parts.

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High-Quality Vinyl Windows

When you need to choose new windows for your home, we have a wide selection available. We offer vinyl windows from KV Custom Windows and Doors. These PVC windows come with a lifetime warranty on solid cream and white colours, which provides homeowners with peace of mind. With this warranty in place, you don’t have to worry about dealing with problems that could affect the appearance or performance of your windows, such as cracking, blistering, or fading.

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